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Umbria: Valnerina region

Umbria - Valnerina region
The Valnerina covers the south-eastern area of Umbria, delimited by the hydrographic basin of the Nera River. Its characteristic features are the steep valleys of the Apennine Mountains and two tablelands, where the main settlements have developed. The area is partly under the administration of the Province of Perugia (municipalities of Cascia, Cerreto di Spoleto, Monteleone di Spoleto, Norcia, Poggiodomo, Preci, Sant’Anatolia di Narco, Scheggino, Sellano, Spoleto and Vallo di Nera) and partly under that of the Province of Terni (municipalities of Arrone, Montefranco, Ferentillo, Polino e Terni).
Men since ancient history obstinately inhabited the valleys and plateaus of Valnerina.

Umbria - Valnerina region
These valleys are seemingly steep, but generous with those who love them. Men in full respect of nature took part in the construction of a landscape where perfect is the union between nature and culture. Valnerina’s landscape will tell you the history of the millenary work of farmers and shepherds who inhabited this land. For ages silence was broken only by the soft flowing of the river. Still today it arouses a sense of peace and quiet, but in the past it inspired a strong sense of spirituality, which is still possible to read on the façades of Romanesque Abbeys, in medieval parish churches and in those simple and reassuring little Madonnas (Madonelle) or votive niches, placed at crossroads.